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Candid Talk No. 7

Hey loves!

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Back at it again with Candid Talk 7 is out in the 13 post series about high school. Enjoy!

The first day of school was crazy. It was filled with a bunch of emotions arranging from disappointing, overjoyed, and horrified. My first period went by really fast. The teacher was a nice woman that had an extremely positive and nurturing energy. I am going to enjoy being in her class (even though I don’t like math). My second-period teacher was a character. He had me dying with his description of the p.e. course and how he didn’t want to handle any paperwork for the course because he “was not worried about all of that bs” his words not mine. My p.e. teacher went on to say how he is “not a drill sergeant anymore, if you a break because you have fiery diarrhea, by all means, take your break. I am not going to push you to the point of throwing up either because if you throw up I throw up too”. He went on with more graphic scenarios that could happen before ending his short lecture to find a tooth that had fallen out (he had me so dead lol). I have no idea if he was being serious or not all I can say was he was definitely looking high and low for that tooth. Moving on to my third period that was a bore until one brave kid named Jeb from Boston said: “I will not put a wiener in my mouth”. Flashback (to moments earlier) the teacher asked: “what food will you not put in your mouth” (that question itself was so weird). Fourth period or as I like to call it the devil’s adviser. I kid you not my AP Psychology teacher is satan’s spawn. She started the class off by saying that she would publicly embarrass students for fun if they were wrong about something or if they cheated on one of the tests. I promise you the whole time I was in her class I felt like Cersei doing the walk of shame in Game Of Thrones. This teacher is a lunatic; she continued her great first impression by saying this is not an easy class if you thought this was you’re in for a rude awakening! After that mess of the fourth period, I went to the safe haven that is my fifth-period science class. I can already tell that this teacher was going to be my favorite. She is so down to earth and a breath of fresh air compared to my last period teacher. Six-period photo class was a blur. The last thing I know the bell rung and it was time to go! Woah.. That was a lot that happens now time to do some homework (ugh… on the first day back).

Day 8: Share something I struggle with.

  • I struggle with being vulnerable and opening up about problems that I am facing.

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