Poetry Confession No. 4

Hey loves!

Where I’m From

I am from the sunshine, clear blue skies, green humidity swampy glades of fishy mush. I am from glistening hardwood under my feet and granite tables under my freshly squeezed pulp-free orange juice. I am from the clean sandy melting pot peninsula that will always be home no matter where I live.

I am from the true Americana; Cherokee Indians roots deeper than the love for cotton in the south. From the cotton fields, my roots grow into a family of survivers. I am from a long line of rave straight turned curly haired spitfire swing the hot sauce in my bag if you cross me type woman. I am from the cook, clean, work, and two going on three degrees college educated do whatever it takes to provide for the ones I love independent type woman.

I am from God is the one you answer to first. I am from trouble does not last always; keep your troubles and business out of the streets because people can be cruel and want to see you fall, but that is not my protocol type people.

Journals filled with ink spill lay on my bookshelf speak of promise never-lands that will be coming. I am from the lands of the dazed and confused dreamers, believers, doers, and achievers. I am from the land of the no bs or excuses suicide before you see the tear drop out of my eye ride or die built the country most take for granted on my back trooper.

I am a product of my environment.

Day 11: What if I…

What if I were to be completely open. What if I were to be so raw and honest about what life is like now. What if I told you? Would you think I was weak. Would think I was strong because I could clean my tears dry as if I just put my face on. What if I were to slaughter whose who hurt me to the core with my words. What if I unleashed the hurt like they did to me. What if I told about the abuse I was going through. What would you say? What if I told you my provider was was…

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Hi, I’m Asya and I am the content creator for Caution District.! I am an 18-year old dreamer, creative soul, fashion enthusiast and tastemaker in the making. Dare To Be Different, Asya McDonald

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