Unboxing Birchbox Mascara Kit

Hey loves!




My Birchbox mascara kit arrived and I am overjoyed! Mascara is my favorite beauty product (and the only one I know how to use well lol). There are seven different mascara in the this kit and they all have different purposes. The mascaras that I have grown fond of are tagged in the photos if you click on them. Some of the mascaras I use on a daily basis because they are life. I have not tried every mascara yet but I cant wait too! I do recommend for this purchase from Birchbox; If you are going to purchase it I say do it soon while Birchbox has a discount on it. I only paid 30 dollars for it (that includes shipping too) but the retail price is 64 dollars (not including shipping or tax).

Day 18: Post 30 facts about yourself.

  1. I love fashion.
  2. I have two dogs.
  3. I have a blog.
  4. I am a vegetarian.
  5. I like to explore new things.
  6. I really like poetry.
  7. I like old shows (like in the 70’s, 80′, and 90’s) better than new shows (most of the current shows).
  8. I like watching at night movies.
  9.  I am a night owl.
  10. I am also an early bird.
  11. I get most of my inspirations at night.
  12. I just started to get into painting.
  13. I really like doing cermanics.
  14. I have a love for writing.
  15. I like to write in my journals.
  16. I was voted this most friendly most at my school.
  17. I like to think the glass is half full and not empty.
  18. I paint my own nails.
  19. I pick my clothes out before I go to bed.
  20. I am not addict to my phone.
  21. I like to go off grid sometimes.
  22. I am a very caring person.
  23. I am a quiet person at times.
  24.  I love music.
  25. I believe Jesus Christ is my savior.
  26. I am a passionate person.
  27. I think outside of the box and don’t even realize it.
  28. I like sports.
  29. I like to workout.
  30. I like change but I also like stability ironically.

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