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My Kindness Story

Hey loves!

(This act of kindness happened to my mother I am just writing it in her perspective. Enjoy!)

Where is it I say after mental cursing myself for carrying this gigantic chocolate caramel purse. I was halfway through the search for my bill fold when a stranger noticed the pens I was about to purchase. He commented on the brand of the pens. The only thing was my pens were like the rainbow and his were just the classic sleek raven pens every businessman should have. The conversation with the stranger was like any other encounter until he said “I got this”. It was like my brain and mouth lost connection and I stared at the stranger in awe of what he just said. Then the words  “this cannot be happening” spilled out of mouth. Still in shock of this kind stranger offering to pay for my groceries, a Walmart associate came to where the kind stranger and I were standing in the self-checkout line to say “Girl let this man give you this blessing” resulting in the kind stranger to say “yes let me give you this blessing”. It was truly a blessing that moved me to the point of almost crying! I was overwhelmed with emotion all I could do was thank the kind stranger whom I found out was named Christopher. Replaying the actions of Christopher in my mind over and over again all I could think about was how good God is. My family and I have really been going through a rough season and I didn’t know if I could handle it anymore. Just to know that people like Christopher still exist in the world pricks my heart to the core. What Christopher had did effected my day for the better. I had to thank him again so I waited in my car in the parking lot for a good 10 minutes then he appeared. I ran up to Christopher to say “thank you so much again! You have made yourself a lifelong friend”. I gave Christopher my number to insure that I will stay in contact with my perfect stranger. Within a couple of minutes of giving my number to Christopher he sent me a text message that was so relevant to what is happening in society today. This random act of kindness has changed my world for the better.What I will do is pay it forward. 


Day 23: Write a letter to someone, anyone.


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