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Unboxing Birchbox August 2016

Hey loves!

I got my Birchbox really late this month, but it was worth the wait. What came in my box this month was…

Hair’s To You

  1. img_2949Beauty Protector: This protector smells like fall, a wonderful warm vanilla scent. I have not tried this product yet because I am not going to straigthen my hair anytime soon. I love then packaging of the bottle and the amount of the liquid that came in it. I don’t know for sure if this will be enough for my whole head of hair though (lol).
  2. img_2941The Day Dream Palette: I consider myself a make up person even though I have no idea how to put on fondation and all that other fancy stuff. I definetly will experiment with this highlighter in the middle of September when fall starts to hit. If I enjoy this product it will be on my September favorites!colin kaepernick
  3. img_2929Hydra-C 24H Energizing Gel: This gel has no scent what so ever I thought I would be able to smell the cucmber since it is one of the key ingredients.This product reminds me of fancy hand sanitizer. I will not be buying it.
  4. img_2932Gold Lust Transformative Masque: This masque has a heavenly scent! I loved it. I enjoyed the vegan cruelty free shampoo and conditioner that came along with it as well. I have not been disappointed with any of the shampoo samples from Birchbox. I can say my favorite shampoo brand that I have tried and loved from them is Davines!
  5. img_2946BrightenUp!: I really like that this exfoliate has aloe in it because I put aloe on my face every night. This product has a very faint scent and a soft scrub. It leaves my skin very smooth. The scrub is so soft that I would recommend for people to use it in the morning. I love that this product is vegan since I am trying to live a greener and more eco-lifestyle.

Day 25: Think of any word. Search it on google images.Write something inspired by the 11 image.

  • Love is a selfless act of emotion towards someone you adore dearly.

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