Back 2 School Hacks

Hey loves!

School is crazy stressful for everyone (unless you are a genius)! To help make school a little less stressful use my hacks.

Have you used Google for an academic project and ads popup about nonsense?

  • Use to avoid that issue.

Coffee addict on a budget?

  • Brew your ice coffee at home at night and put a little sugar in it, so all you have to do in the morning is add creamer to it.

Has your computer ever crashed during a important paper you were writing, making you lose everything? 

  • Set your computer to auto save to make sure that never happens.

Tired of dressing like a bum? Well I’ve got the solution for you!

  • Pick out your outfit, shoes, accessories, hairstyle the whole nine the day before to stay stylish and chic!

Need a little snooze time in the morning?

  • Set an alarm to go off 30 minutes before you wake up, so you can become aware that it is almost time to get up.

Need help remembering your schedule

  • Take a picture of your schedule and set it as your lock-screen on your phone.

That is all the school hacks for now! If you liked them all. Tell me and I will keep it going… 🙂

September Challenge Day 12: What is a weird habit you have, or other people have told you?

  • When I leave for school I put the tv on a cartoon channel, so my dogs can watch tv. 

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