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Unboxing Birchbox October 2016

Hey loves!

Rejuvenating Mode 

  1. Black eyeliner

    Black eyeliner

    Eyeliner in Black: After, getting my first eyeliner from Birchbox I fell in love with that make-up product. I am excited to try the creamy smudge proof  eyeliner. I tested the product on the back of my hand and it stand true in how the product was advertised. I would give this product an 8/10.

  2. sticky lip balm

    sticky lip balm

    Miracle Balm: This product was a multiple purpose item that I used to moisturized my lips. I had to squeeze the container so hard to get a drop out of the tube. Once I got the drop it was not what I thought it would feel like. The texture of the product was sticky. I may finish off the sample, but I am not purchasing the full size. I would give this product an 5/10

  3. shampoo and conditioner

    shampoo and conditioner

    Moisturizing & Repairing: I shampoo was an okay shampoo, nothing that knocked my socks off. I prefer the “Davines” brand shampoo that was sent in my previous Birchboxes. I like the conditioner that came with it as well. The packet had just enough in it to cover half of my hair. I will not buy neither. I would give these products 6/10.

  4. face cream

    face cream

    Rejuvenating Face Cream: I adore the smell of this product. The texture is baby smooth as well. I will enjoying using this product because it made my skin feel very fresh. It is a lovely face cream to have during the fall/winter. I will most likely buy this product. I would give this product an 8/10

  5. Fairy tale perfume

    Fairy tale perfume

    Pretty Rotten Eau de Perfume: This perfume reminds me of the Snow White (yes! The fairy tale). I have not worn this perfume yet because I am waiting for the perfect time during the fall to bring this bad boy out. I need the perfect outfit to have the fairy tale effect. I will purchase the perfume only for the fall time though. I give the product an 8/10.

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  1. Well this looks like a blast! I think I have to try it after this!

    October 14, 2016

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