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Story Time: Blessings

Hey loves!

Yesterday, really made me realized how good God is. I started my day sleeping in because it was senior skip day (day!). I got a whole bunch of tasks and homework done due to my R&R day. I even watched a few movie classics (got to love pretty woman & dazed and confused) Fast-forwarding through my blissful day I started getting ready to go bible study. The Lord has been on pulling on my heart-strings for what seems feels like five-ever now. And I am actually starting to listen and obey him and it just works in my favor. I kid you not I rarely even stress anymore I just pray and give my problems to God for him to handle. Before I start to really testify I want to the say the phrase “when the blessings go up the blessings come down” is so true that it brings me to tears. God is so good even when you think he is not listening or paying attention he is. The only thing is that he doesn’t work at our speed he works at his speed, so be patience. After church yesterday an act of kindness was done to me that made my heart swell. My mom, little brother and I were going out to eat at Panda Express. I was beyond ready to eat the chow mein (I was literally starving). When we go to open the restaurant door it wouldn’t open. I realized the restaurant closed at 9:30 and we arrived at 9:37. I was ready to give up on life I kid you not (seriously not really though I was just that hungry, low-key I needed snickers because I was not myself). I started to turn on my heels and walk back to my car when a Panda Express employee stopped me. The guy said that the store just closed but he will let us come in and still get food! I was overjoyed I couldn’t believe he was being so kind. The kindness didn’t stop there either, the gentlemen upgraded the bowl of food we wanted to get to the platter of food (He was stuffing the food in the container as if he was fixing himself a plate of food). The blessing kept coming. I pulled out my billfold to pay for the meal and he said that the register was closed, so the food was free! I was speechless when he said that. All I did was hug the guy because he didn’t have to be so kind. And the funny thing is that recently I have been getting a lot of free stuff (I mean a lot). I just credit all the blessings to God (and tithing of course). The moral of the story is God is good all the time no matter what you are going through he is there going there it with you.

Give All Glory to God🙌

I hoped you all enjoyed my “sit down story”. It has been a really long time since we all had a story time.

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  1. Love the way God is working in your life, beautiful! He is GOOD 💕

    October 20, 2016

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