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Boom goes the Dynamite!

Hey loves!

GO! GO! GO! I shrieked to my group of friends as we were sprinting away from an administrator at my school. Left then right. Stay on the footprint path I say to my myself because all the pressure is on me. Before I get ahead of myself I just want to say there was a bomb threat at my school yesterday and this is how my friends and I reacted to the news. At the beginning of fifth period, the principal came on the announcements to tell everyone to evacuate to the stadium. The first hour of being in the stadium wasn’t bad, but on that second hour were (all the student of my high school) chanting W-A-T-E-R what does that spell WATER! We were outside for three hours until 3:30 came we all rushed out of the stadium to be met by police and their dogs sniffing out the school for any threats and teachers running around the parking lot to tell students they can’t leave. Growing tired of being beat by the sun and lack of H20 my friends and I hit the crowd suburban streets to find my dad’s car. While we were on our brisk walk to the car we saw a teacher approaching and rounding up students to turn them around, so we made a B-line to the nearest wood path that leads us to the Zaxby’s that was near our school. We emerged from the woods and j-ran across the street to Zaxby’s. Once at Zaxby’s we ordered waters and waited .5 seconds until my dad arrived to take us all home. That was a huge mouth full but hoped you guys enjoyed the story.

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