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My Passion: Fashion

Hey loves!

Fashion to me is like a heartbeat in the distant that thumps louder and louder as you get closer to the source. Fashion is more than the clothes you wear on your back. It is living art that is formulated daily. A blueprint that at no time will be conquered perfectly because it evolves too rapidly. When I was younger fashion called out to me like no other, it was relentless. The way one can explore their individuality without having to part their lips memorized me. You could basically have a semi conversion with someone and not speak a word to them because the nonverbal cues of their ensemble would speak instead. Of course, you would eventually have to speak or it would get creepy. In the recent century, fashion has become a gimmick for the wealthy and superficial to handle and corrupt. Fashion has become a weapon for the capitalist to use in order to keep unsuitable people in rank and file. It is not looked at an art anymore, but just a dollar sign. Fashion at its rawest state is nothing more than outstretched nights, perspiration, uphill battles and in the end peace of mind. The finished piece will speak for itself.

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