How To Slay The Hallways

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I was talking with my little brother yesterday about fashion and how to make the school hallways your personal runway. Getting dressed was the most electrifying thing about getting ready for school for me in the morning. I would even pick out my outfits the night before and sometimes I would pick them all out on Sunday night.  Before I get sidetracked let’s  jump right into the tips!

** These tips are purely my own opinion**

  1. Never wear your best or favorite outfit on the first day of school. I say this because everyone will be dressed their best. No one is really looking at your outfit on the first day because it can be stressful not knowing where to go or who to talk to in a new school year. I recommend that you mix some of your summer clothes and outfits you wore last year to start your school year off.
  2. Start to rock the new school clothes on the second or third week of school. Throughout my years of school (especially high school) people tend to give up looking stylish for school during the second week because the hype of being back at school is over. During this time (of the second or third week) your style will start to be noticed and remembered. You will start to be known for having the most stylish or best-dressed outfits in your school.
  3. If you’re going to wear sweats or sweatpants dress them up! I even enjoy a lazy day, but don’t be too lazy when picking out your outfit. You want your lazy day outfits to look as if it’s not your lazy days at all. I recommend that if you wear sweats wear wedges or heels with them because it looks more intentional as if you didn’t just roll out of bed. And with this look, you can even rock bed head for that edgy chic look or a sleeked up bun.
  4. Don’t ever dress for other people! I kid you not this is something I learned when I was younger and it has forever stuck with me. What I mean by this is take people’s compliment and outfit suggestions with a grain of salt. Don’t rely on people telling you looking in order to know you look good. If you are comfortable and confident in your outfit then you already know you are slaying with and without someone giving you a compliment.
  5. Take risk. Don’t try to dress like everyone at school be the trendsetter. Don’t be that person that is always on trend because you will become fashion’s fool basically. I recommend to flirt with the trends, but do your own thing! You want to be ahead of the trends because fashion is about self-expression. We all don’t feel the same about certain things so why dress the same?

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