Relax, Much?

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Yesterday was a dream! I gave myself a day of well-needed rest. I have been in a work work work grind lately with no stop. Exhaustion was inevitable at the rate I was going. Last week my church did a sermon about exhaustion and the Sabbath. Basically, the pastor spoke about how the importance of giving yourself a day of rest on Sunday (or whatever day you are off).  The point of the rest is to be at leisure. As a society, we are constantly praised for killing ourselves for a job but looked down upon if we need a break as if it is forbidden. We are not robots!

We can not operate in a 24/7 all year round with no consequence. Such ignorance will only be the downfall in our society and culture especially in the western world. A weekly break from work would benefit the masses. For example Chick fil A only operates six out of the seven days a week and makes just as much money as McDonalds whom is open 24/7 all year round. The concept we need to be following as a nation is to work smarter and not harder.

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