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How to Prevent Illness this fall

Hey loves!

Fall is coming and the closer it gets the more we need to prepare for the ick”. The beginning of Septemeber has always been a crucial month when it comes to transitions. The leaves start to change colors, the warm summer air change into cool sweater weather and healthy people change into sickly people. The latter has already happened to me, unfortunately. I have been hit with the “ick”. I even got sent home from your because my boss could hear the sickness in my throat. To help you all fight of this “ick” this fall season I highly recommend that you all start to prepare.

Tips on how to prevent Illness this fall

  1. Have a daily dose of Emergen-C. Emergen-C is a dietary supplement that boosts your immune system with vitamins. You can incorporate Emergen-C into your diet as you see it fit. I usually put Emergen-C in my acai bowls or a regular cup of water.
  2. If you feel the symptoms approaching use Claritin. That little pill packs a huge punch. I simply adore Claritin because it’s a non-drowsy allergy reliever. My allergy is the first signal to me that I’m coming down with something and Claritin knocks it right out in a few days!
  3. Drink fluids often. Especially teas and hot drinks. The liquids help flush out your system and have rewarding attributes. For example, hot teas with lemon and honey cut down on mucus and act as an antibacterial.
  4. Wash your hand constantly. You can never be too careful during the fall and winter months. Some people don’t care that they are ill and will sneeze without cover their face or even cough in their hands and then touch the door knob. Before putting your hands in your mouth, near your eyes, or nose wash your hands! If you don’t have time to constantly wash your hands use hand sanitizer.
  5. Keep your environment clean! Disinfect and Lysol areas that you think may contain numerous germs. Sanitize your office space, door knobs, restrooms and any other area that is occupied by numerous people daily.
  6. Get plenty of sleep. It is crucial to get a well nights rest during the cooler months because your body needs that time to recharge itself. Your immune system will thank you for practicing good healthy habit in order to prevent illness.

Tell me what do you do to help yourself stay healthy during the fall and winter months?
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  1. 97 #

    I really enjoyed these helpful tips! I have just invested in chewable Emergen-C so I think I’m okay, but I also got some immune tablets from Target just to be safe! This was a lovely post!

    August 31, 2017

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