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Fall Binge Worthy Tv Shows

Hey loves!

The warm inviting air is changing into the whipping brittle breeze and like the wind, our habits tend to change. Other than the beautiful changes happening in nature and fashion the fall brings in a transformation in tv watching. Now that we all are starting to go from our outdoor activities into our cherished holiday indoor routines tv watching comes with the territory.

My list of shows are a mix of teen, family and just all around good wholesome shows to enjoy! As well as shows that will tie into the up coming holiday season.

Fall Binge Worthy Tv Shows

  1. Hart of Dixie: My current binge watching fave right now. Hart of Dixie is about a fast talking New York raised doctor that accepts a strangers invitation to work with him at his practice in Blue Ball, Alabama. Despite Zoe being out of her element in the South, she gives it a shot to discover a new side of herself.
  2. Riverdale: I’m waiting for the second season like tomorrow! This is more of a teenager’s drama, but I still would recommend anyone to watch it. Riverdale is about Archie Andrews and his newly made friends coping with the mysterious death of a student and all their other troubles that come with being in high school.
  3. Gossip Girl: The show is an absolute rewatch for me it has motivated my blogging so much! Gossip Girl is on Manhattan’s Upper East Side privileged teenagers that are documented by a mysterious blogger that goes by the name of Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl lives for the scandals that rock these teens lives and thrives on reporting every drop of gossip told. I know you will love it xoxo A.
  4. Friday Night Lights: Back at it again with another dose of “Clear eyes and full hearts”. Another repeat! Friday Night Lights not at any time will age. It is timeless family entertainment. Friday Night Lights is a movie turned tv show that revolves a Texas town and their love for football.
  5. Prison Break: Brotherly love at its core. Michael takes us on a journey of trust, suffering and in the end hope. This show is one for the books. Prison Break is about Michael who is a former architect that attempt to break his brother out of prison for a crime that he claims he didn’t commit.
  6. How To Get Away With Murder: Shondaland had to make it somewhere on this list. Season 4 is premiering soon so if you don’t know this show where have you been? This show is about law students who murder their professor’s husband and try to cover up their actions hence the tv shows name. This entertaining twisted show will take you on an adventure of the ups and downs of human nature.
  7. Anne with An “E”: A book turned tv show is new and improved. The reboot of this old show has updated bits but remains true to its roots. This show is emotional and twisted. The undertones can be raw. Anne with an “E” is about an orphan with a spirited imagination on her way to Green Gables, where unmarried siblings are waiting on the arrival of a boy and surely will be surprised to see Anne.
  8. Heartland: Nice, wholesome and down to earth. This show has a little bit for everyone in the family. Teen drama, family spirit, life lesson, and determination. This is definitely a holiday binge for the family to enjoy.
  9.  Good Witch: Just in time for Halloween! Which happens to be my favorite holiday. Good Witch is another whole-heartful show to binge. Good Witch is a mother daughter duo that spread the cheerful vibes to the residents of Middleton. This is not your average witch show which you will soon find out when you start to watch it.
  10. The Good Place: Hilarious and cunning. This show is everything! Eleanor arrives in what she is led to believe is Heaven after her death. Eleanor soon finds out that she is mistaken for another person that belongs in The Good Place instead of her. Eleanor’s journey throughout the whole show is to prove she is a good person and belongs in The Good Place.

Tell me your thoughts about my show recommendation and what you’re currently watching on tv.

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