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How to Make Vegetarian Soul Food Pt. 2

Hey loves!

How to Make Vegetarian Collard Greens

Ingredients used in the meal 

  • Collard greens
  • Veggie broth
  • Badia seasoning 
  • Distilled vinegar 

When buying green you first have to make sure that they are cleaned. For example, the collard greens used in the recipe were washed three times because greens can carry a lot of dirt.

First, thing I did when cooking the greens is to find and put them in a pot that won’t smother them. Greens need room when cooking because they shrink down in the seasoning of picking. 

Second thing is to add the broth of your picking. I am a vegetarian therefore I used vegetable when seasoning my greens. 

Then you add your seasoning. My all time favorite seasoning to cook with is Badia seasoning. The flavors are blended so well I kid you not. I even used to season my meat with this seasoning when I wasn’t a vegetarian. 

Now that the greens have some flavor on them. Cook them on high to mid heat for about 20 minutes before check in on them. When you check on your greens stir them as well so the whole pot is seasoned greens and not just one part. 

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