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Get Fit Now! 6 Week Challenge Updated!

Hey loves!

I have about a month left on my 6-week challenge with Get Fit Now so it’s a perfect time for an update!

How is my experience with Get Fit Now been so far?


I have been to 4 classes in the past week and a half and they have been booty kicking classes. I have been lifting so much weight it’s bananas. yesterday’s class I squat 65 pounds plus my own body weight. Leg day and cardio by far have to be my favorite classes that I have participated in with Get Fit Now. The only class that I am not that fond of is the upper body because I strongly do not like lifting weights. I kid you not I have the strength of a limp noodle. Having Maddie as my trainer I will be able to lift some major weight she’s not taking it easy on me and I will totally appreciate her after I see the results :)!


Food hasn’t been bad with the list of ingredients we can consume my mom has made some killer vegan blueberry pancake. We even get to put syrup on them because we found an amazing tasting calorie free syrup. We’ve had to get extremely creative with meal prep during the week in order to not get bored with our food. Tacos made with soy protein chopped up lettuce and salsa has been one of my favorite go-to meals. I have been consuming a lot of collard greens with all three of my meals and I have yet to get bored; they’re just that flavorful! I’ll continue to share recipes of what I eat on this journey.

Final Thoughts

Get Fit Now has been an amazing experience so far I am constant communication with the trainer about any and everything. They constantly update which is amazing because the communication doesn’t end once you leave the gym. Week one I lost 4 pounds and .8 BF. If you guys are interested I will continue to update you all on my progress!

Sharing is caring so comment what you’re doing or if you all are trying to get toned for the spring and summer time?

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  1. I’m really getting into the healthy lifestyle. Great bit of info!

    November 8, 2017

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