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New Year Goals #2018

Hey loves!


  1. Read the Bible on a daily basis: I have really dived into bible journaling and I absolutely love it! Studying the Word is very important to me and my spiritual growth into learning more about God. Diving into the Word myself is much more rewarding than just listening to the pastor sermons. No knock at the pastor it’s just better to know the Lord yourself.
  2. Read 30 new books this year: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I believe that wholeheartedly. I have a few books that I’m reading right now that I am enjoying greatly. Throughout this year I want to constantly be furthering myself in books.
  3. Travel to four major places: I traveled to quite a few destinations last year and I was in absolute bliss. I love to travel and explore new cultures. This year traveling to California and anywhere overseas is on my path.
  4. Don’t wake up and check my phone: In the past month, I’ve picked up the bad habitat of checking my phone when I get up from my sleep. The first thing I want to do when I woke up now is to thank the Lord for another day. Then dive into the Bible.
  5. Workout at least three days out of the week: My fitness has been on fire at the end of the last year. I want to continue my weight and body fat loss. I enjoy boxing, CrossFit, and Zumba. On my social media, my fitness journey will be definitely making an appearance.
  6. Practice Spanish daily: All the traveling that I did last year made me realize that I need to learn Spanish. Spanish is not really a foreign language to me, but it wouldn’t hurt to get fluent in it. I kid you not when I visited Miami during the Christmas break English was not the first choice of language down there. About a good 10-15 % of people I encountered spoke English. That experience and visiting Mexico makes me want to lace my tongue with the knowledge of fluent Spanish.


Collab with two brands: As my blog has been growing exponentially this past year I feel I am ready to start collaborating on projects with brands. One brand in particular that I have my eye on is Adidas. Not to blow my own horn, but they did say they wanted to work together on Instagram late December. Let’s hope their comment was serious because I was (lol).

  1. 1,000 blog followers: My blog has been on fire lately and would be amazing when I hit 1,000 followers. I going to continue to grind and put out my best content to attract new people to my blog.
  2. Have lengthy blog post: I realized blogging is like a good tv show no one likes it to be too short. I plan to be more thought-provoking in my future content and making the length longer. I will be planning out my post better so that I can fulfill this goal.
  3. Connect with more bloggers: Sometimes I can keep to myself a little too much when I blog. I’ve learned just like in the real world the blogosphere is a very interact place. By not connecting with other bloggers I’m doing a dis-justice. I plan to reach out a lot more to other bloggers and maybe even do a collab or two!

Social Media

  1. Put out makeup tutorials: I absolutely love exploring new makeup looks. I was thinking that it wouldn’t hurt sharing tips and tricks of how I have learned how to do my makeup. Being a newbie to the makeup world I would have a fresh new take because it’s from my perspective.
  2. 800 Instagram followers: Instagram has been my favorite app lately! I learned a lot of new things on Instagram that has made it extremely enjoyable for me. I have gained a lot of new followers which makes me more excited to add more content to that platform.
  3. Take YouTube more seriously: The few videos that I do have on that platform I have enjoyed the entire process of what it takes to make a video. Video editing has become my favorite part of making YouTube videos. I actually am about to purchase Adobe Premiere and Affect Effects which is going to set my videos on fire!
  4. Be more active in all my social media: In the past couple of months, I have started to take social media so much more serious. There are many possibilities in where social media can take anyone because right now the world is shifting into an internet boom.


  1. Start my clothing line: This is an idea that has been on my mind for a while now and I feel like it’s finally the right time to get it off the ground. I have a lot of items that I would like to put into production.
  2. Put out more look-books: I put out a few look-books last year and they were a blast to make. Putting outfits together is already rewarding for me in my regular life, but to share it online it was just another layer of growing my knowledge of what exactly I want to do with fashion.



As always sharing is caring if you loved this blog post tell me your thoughts in the comment section I would love to interact with you all! If you all want to keep up with me follow me on my social media links down below. If you want to continue to be involved in what is going on with Caution District check down below as well.

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-Caution to the wind

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  1. I for sure want to collaborate with different brands this year and really build my blog!

    January 2, 2018
  2. Briebs #

    You’re honestly very inspiring! Awesome!

    February 7, 2018

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