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Get Fit Now Final Review!

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I originally wasn’t going to write another post about Get Fit Now, but I changed my mind since my views on this gym have changed. My other posts that I have written about this gym on Caution District have been fairly kind and truthful about my whole experience. You all who follow me on this platform know that I am completely transparent in my life, travels, and reviews!  With all that said let’s dive into this disarray that I was mislead into signing up for!

Once I posted my comment on the Get Fit Now Google reviews page I got a call from Lindsay R. at Get Fit Now asking me to delete my comment from the reviews because they didn’t like what I said.

Google & Yelp Original Review of Get Fit Now Gym

I did meet my goal of losing 6 % during the advertised free six-week challenge at Get Fit Now. The challenge turned out to not be free at all since the gym asks for a payment of $500 at the beginning of the program with the guarantee of giving it back to you if you meet your goal of 6 % body fat loss or 25 pounds weight loss. During the six-weeks that I attended Get Fit Now the staff was nice, but the accountability aspect was not there. My mother was my accountability partner during the program. As for the business side of the Get Fit Gym, they need to be taught how to run a true honorable business with communication and not some college ran startup. I feel like Get Fit Now only wants money and nothing else for the clients that attend the gym or the six-week program. It has been a month since I ended the six-week challenge with Get Fit Now and I still have not received my refund. The only thing that I have received was a bunch of calls asking to see if I was still interested in continuing with the gym after I intentionally told them that I would be starting college in January so I don’t want to commit to anything. After getting back from a wonderful holiday vacation I am still dealing with the incompetence of the Get Fit Now staff to process my refund. How long does it take to get a refund? Two weeks is what one of the trainers named Heather told me it would take for my refund at the time of my initial registration “with her” and at my finale weigh-in “with her”. This is definitely “NOT” in my case! I would not recommend this program to anyone anymore. It is not a flexible gym at all and there is no true communication between the gym staff and the clients; only continued advertisement for the gym and what other extra add-ons you can pay for through them. From my experience, I would only recommend going to Lifetime because you get a lot more amenities for a cheaper cost than Get Fit Now or if you are on a budget just sign up for Planet Fitness.

Aftermath of Google & Yelp comment

Once I posted my comment on the Get Fit Now Google & Yelp reviews pages I got a call from Lindsay R. at Get Fit Now gym asking me to delete my comment from the reviews because they didn’t like what I said. I told her that I would not take down my review because not only was it the truth, but it was 100 % accurate in my point of view. Lindsay did, in the end, process my refund on Friday, December 29, 2017 (nearly a month after final weigh-in) from what the owner Emily N. said.

What did I have to do to get my refund back?

Testimony Video

Lost in communication. When I upgraded my iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone X I didn’t have to video downloaded on my iCloud (bummer). The video was a positive and uplifting video about my experience at Get Fit Now because that was my truth at the time of the shooting of the video.

Facebook Check-In & Google/ Yelp review 

I had to do 18 Facebook Check-Ins on my personal account. The Google/ Yelp review is above.

When did my view change?

My view of Get Fit Now was a somewhat positive outlook until my final weigh- in with them. Heather was the person to do me and mom final weigh-in. I meet my goal of the 6% fat loss and my mom didn’t meet her 25 pounds goal at that point due to her struggle with severe blood cancer treatment but Heather dismissed my mom’s weight loss of 13 pounds out of 25 and only focused on my testimony video of my experience at the gym.  At this point, I was taken back at the dismissal of my mom so I was trying to keep my composure and part ways with Get Fit Now gym on a positive note even though it was turning sour quickly. Heather’s lack of compassion or knowledge to her job best practices was the master key to my review and negative experience at the Get Fit Now gym.

Discussion with Emily N. (The Primary Owner)

It was very interesting talking to Emily N. the primary owner of Get Fit Now. I’ve only talked to her over email about my experience at her gym and the business side of her gym. Every conversation with Emily was straight to the point. I was not cutting any corners about what and how I felt in my six-week stance at Get Fit Now gym.  She asked me three times in total to delete my review of the gym. In turn, she would give both my mom and I a free month at her gym and at the end of the “free” additional month she would want us to write another review of our experience at the gym. I told her like I told Linsday that I would not delete the review from google or yelp. I do not need to explain myself nor do I want anything “free” to change my mind. I am not swayed by money at all. The principle of the matter is that Get Fit Now advertises a “FREE 6 week Get Fit Challenge” on Instagram and Facebook… After your initial visit to the gym, they ask for $500 up front and promises a refund at the end of the challenge which is what I expected but was not the case…

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