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Asya Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan February 2018

Hey loves!

On The Cover: The rosy pink and red-infused cover flaunt a very bold and confident Lili Reinhart. This is was a hard pick for me choosing between Reinhart’s cover or Mendes cover.

Inside the Magazine: This was a really great issue. The articles were phenomenal and well thought out. This issue of Cosmopolitan took me the longer than usual to get through. I even went through it a second time to reread and annotate some of the articles written. Being an avid Cosmo reader I have noticed one thing if the editor’s letter is a powerful and impactful letter than the rest of the issue will follow suit. The letter on this issue did not disappoint. One of the main topics that this issue addressed that was not on the cover was sexual harassment. The magazine even debuted a special section straightforwardly called “How Not to Be a Sexual Harasser (Even If You Think You Could Never Be That Guy)”.

Lili Reinhart & Camila Mendes Interview

I really enjoyed the format of this interview. I also really loved all the cute outfits they had on! The style director outdid himself with those choices. I’m thinking about buying one or two for me to wear during the springtime. The girls were very candid in this interview, which always makes for a good read. The reader could see them from all different angles, not just an archetype.

Afterthoughts: This is a must buy issue! I think you all will enjoy it as much as I did.

Favorite Articles

Editor’s letter

How Not to Be a Sexual Harasser (Even If You Think You Could Never Be That Guy)

Send Your Skin on an Acid Trip

The Way to Eat Your Feelings

Favorite Pictures:



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