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Asya Alert

Hey loves!

Taking a break every now and then from social media can be very therapeutic. The past five days that I have not posted on any of my platforms has been great. It reminds me of the time I was on a cruise ship headed to Mexico last year. On the ship the WiFi was very spotty. I had a lot of content that I wanted to post for everyone to see how beautiful the cruise/ Mexico was. When I went to upload the content on my various platforms nothing would post I was very annoyed. I even bought the WiFi that the cruise ship offered which was a waste of money because I got the same result as before. I am very passionate about my content on my platforms because a ton of work is put into them. Now like when I was in Mexico living in the moment opened up my mind to a bunch of experiences that I was losing out on because I don’t unplug from technology very much. I probably will start to do this more often just to experience a couple of days without being on my devices so much. In my five days of absence I did have time to work behind the scenes of Caution District.

Caution District Updates

  1. The “Nailed It” page is updated.
  2. The next Asya Dishing Out The Issues will be out tomorrow.
  3. New widgets are located in the footer of the blog.
  4. A book shelfie was added to encourage myself to read 35 books by the end of the year.

What do you all think about going days without technology or abstaining from being plugged in from social media? Sharing is caring, so leave a comments telling me your thoughts!

As always signing out dangerously fierce,


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