Confessions of a Habitual Nail Salon Devotee

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My name is Asya and I am a habitual nail salon devotee. I go to the nail salon every two weeks to get my nails done. Going to the nail salon is very therapeutic. At the salon, we talk girl chat 24/7. I kid you not at the nail salon plans are being put into action! We talk about any and everything. Nothing is off limits. Last week we started off the conversation about my major in college and my visit ended with talk about bitcoin. Before I get ahead of myself let me give you some tips to save money when going out to get your nails done. Down below are my previous at-home nail care post. Be sure to check them out!



Confessions of a Habitual Nail Salon Devotee

  1. Always go to Google reviews or Yelp to see if the nail salon you are visiting does great service. While on the review apps they tell you what previous people said about their experience about the price, service, amenities and overall experience.
  2. Another reason why you should use Yelp especially is that there are usually discounts on there. I’ve told you this before full price is for suckers. If you get the Yelp app and check in at the nail salon on there it never fails a 10-25% discount always pops up for me.
  3. Get into a routine of getting your nails done. By routine, I mean go to the same nail salon whenever its time to get your nails done. If possible try to book the same person every time. It is important to build that relationship. I personally have been going to the same nail salon since I was 16.
  4. Building the relationship is key with your nail technician because you won’t be overcharged. I kid you not in experience the person who does my nails never charges me for anything extra that I want to get. Whether it’s a cutdown, gel on top of my acrylic, and whatever else. I pay the same flat rate every-time of 20 dollars plus the tip.
  5. Don’t fall for the up selling that some nail salons do. When I was on vacation in Miami my mom and I got finessed at a nail salon there.We got our usual which is a petite almond nail shape for me and toenail polish color change. My mom got a pedicure and gel manicure. The price ended up being 160 dollars for the both of us.
  6. Go there with a plan. If you have an idea of what you want you will not overspend on your nails.
  7. Don’t be afraid to experiment. I have got some pretty crazy nail styles over the years. Click the picture below to check them out.



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6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Habitual Nail Salon Devotee

  1. I got into this every two week thing for awhile with the same person she was great. However one day I asked her to make my nails a bit thinner when doing the bio gel and she ended up making them SO THIN they ALL BROKE. I was so sad I didn’t go back and now I’m still in emotional recovery for my sad state of my finger tips😆

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