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My Experience Selling My Yeezy’s on Goat

Hey loves!

What is Goat?

GOAT is a shoe app where sneakerheads and fashion enthusiast can buy and sell exclusive footwear. The great thing about GOAT is they have a team of specialist that authenticates the exclusive footwear that the consumers are purchasing so they know the merchandise is real.

How to Get Approved on Goat?

Getting approved to sell on GOAT was a process! I submitted to be a seller in middle of December and a month went by with no response from GOAT. In January I emailed GOAT and they told me I was in the queue waiting to be processed. Two weeks later GOAT sent me an email saying I would have to take more pictures of the Yeezy’s I was selling. Once I submitted my pictures I got an email back immediately and was expected to be a seller!

My Experience Selling My Yeezy’s on Goat

Selling my Yeezy’s on GOAT was very simple. Once GOAT pairs the shoe buyer and shoe seller together the show seller has three days to ship the shoes out to GOAT. GOAT emailed me the shipping label so I didn’t have to pay for shipping on the shoes. The next day I dropped the shoes off at a UPS store.

A couple hours after I dropped the shoes off I got an email from GOAT saying my shoes have shipped to GOAT to be verified. Two days later I received my payment from GOAT and was able to cash out my money or buy a pair of shoes. Selling this one pair of shoes my seller rating went up two points!

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