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My New Year Resolution 1 Quarter Check Up

Hey loves!

If you have not seen my New Year’s Resolution post than go ahead and click the picture down below because if not you’ll be a little lost during the post. This year has been a pretty great year so far. I have met some amazing people, learned some new things and experience a new outlook on life. This year I wanted to be bolder and live more fearlessly and I feel like I have been living that way. It’s a mindset change in a way. with all that said let’s dive into the winter quarter check in!



  1. Read the Bible on a daily basis: So far I have upheld this the goal! I have a streak with the Bible app on my phone! The streak count as of the day I am writing this post is 88 days. The two things I do want to improve on is bible journaling on a daily basis and sharing my progress on my Instagram highlights.
  2. Read 30 new books this year: I have read three this books so far this year. I have finished reading Jesus> Religion by Jefferson Bethke, The book of Romans, and I am almost done with the book of 1 Corinthians. I plan to start reading two more books very soon!
  3. Travel to four major places:  I have yet to travel to another state yet, but that is soon to change. I will be going to Orlando very soon on business. Also, spring break is around the corner too so expect some cute vacation photos!
  4. Don’t wake up and check my phone: I have been working hard to break this habitat. Some days I don’t check my phone until around 10 and then there are some days where I have to check my phone as soon as I get up.  I have been strict with myself, so if I do look at my phone when I get up it would have to be to get on the Bible app, or a yoga video. I don’t allow myself to stay in bed and get comfortable on my phone.
  5. Workout at least three days out of the week: This goal has been a lot easier to maintain than I thought since I start and end my day with yoga. In the morning after yoga, I either go for a jog, do pilates, or lift weights. I have surpassed this goal because I work out every day!
  6. Practice Spanish daily: I have done okay with this goal I could be better. I have been trying to be more discipline by listening to Spanish music and watching Netflix in Spanish. Sometimes I don’t practice and that is the worst because when learning a language it needs to be an everyday discipline.


  1. Collab with two brands: I have not collaborated with any brands yet, but I have been getting some interest! I just excited to see what the future holds.
  2. 1,000 blog followers: I am roughly about 250 followers away from hitting this goal and it is mind-blowing. My following has been growing by 20-28 followers a month.
  3. Connect with more bloggers: Ever since I starting connecting with other bloggers I kid you not my following has been sky rocking! I have joined some blogging groups and I love it. The bloggers are so nice and helpful. I love socializing with other bloggers!

Social Media

  1. Put out makeup tutorials: I have put out some videos are Instagram and they are doing so well! I even got on the explore page a couple of times! Social media is such a powerful tool it’s crazy. I will be putting out a lot more especially in the near future.
  2. 800 Instagram followers: As of February the 22nd (when this post was written) I have 561 followers! I am almost to my goal it’s mind-blowing. I can not believe especially because of Instagram’s algorithm. It was hard growing followers until I started to connect with other bloggers and people in my niche.
  3. Take YouTube more seriously: Videos are going to be coming soon! I promise!
  4. Be more active in all my social media: I have been growing on every platform and it’s bananas. I love it! My hard work is paying off.


Start my clothing line: It is in the works! You all will be seeing my design very soon!

Put out more look-books: Let’s just say these will be some of the best look-books you all will see. I will be putting my all into creations!

What has the year been like for you all? Have you met some goal? What have already accomplished some of your goals? Let me know in the comments!



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