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Why I Journal (And Why You Should Start Journalling, Too)

Hey loves!

Success is not for the lazy

-Unknown Genius

I write in journals to clear my mind. My journals are filled with creativity, emotion, confused and most of all clarity. I write in my various journals daily basis about different things that come to mind. I am completely transparent when I scribble my thoughts down.

6 Reasons Why I Journal?

  1. To keep my creative flow going. This is the best way I found to defeat writer’s block. You have to plan ahead and constantly release the ideas that are in your mind on paper.
  2. It quiets the constant brainstorming in my mind. I write in my journals in the morning and at night. Those two times are the best times to tame the rapid hustle and bustle of idea producing.
  3. Stress is Reduced. Life can get a little overwhelming at times. Writing out a plan or a to-do list for the day can be a gray hair preventer.  
  4. I can be candid. In a journal, I am able to release frustration and complain without any hesitation. Once thoughts are released I can move on!
  5. I can see a dream manifesting. Writing down thoughts in my journals help me focus on what is important in my life. In return, I can focus more energy on those certain areas in my life.
  6. I can track my progress. I can write down my accomplishment! I can acknowledge all the hard work that has paid off in my life.

Why You Should Journal Too!

The power of written word is very mind-blowing to me. I am a firm believer in the way that you can speak things into existence you can do the same with written word. The best thing about writing in journals happens to be looking back on everything you accomplished. You have a paper trail of where you started to where you ended up.



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  1. I’ve just begun journaling! I agree with all these reasons. It is such a good way to keep track of your thoughts and move forward! ❤

    March 2, 2018
    • That great! I recommend everyone should journal! Thank you for commenting.

      March 2, 2018
  2. I was big into planning for along time, and I was also big into journaling, but I started to find them both overwhelmingly time consuming, so I started to bullet journal instead, which in drawing the spreads, it’s time consuming, but not as much as trying to do both!

    March 2, 2018
    • That’s great you found what works for you! Thank you for commenting.

      March 2, 2018
  3. Yaaaas 🙌🏼 funny story: I started a rage journal a few months ago as it was recommended to unleash neg emotion. I still use it to rage out occasionally, but since that first raged post I now use it for everything; creative brainstorming, to do lists, blog recipe drafts, poetry, song writing, workout and meal plans, reflections… organically from the rage I was inspired to use it as a more positive expression 💭

    March 4, 2018
    • 😂 that was a funny story! Rage is apart of the healing process. It’s great that you were able to channel your rage into something beneficial and productive.

      March 4, 2018
      • The funniest part I forgot to mention is to this day I still call it my rage journal😂

        March 4, 2018
      • 😂😂 that’s hilarious! You’ll always know where your roots started.

        March 4, 2018
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    March 20, 2018

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