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My 12 Favorite Phone Apps

Hey loves!

My phone is definitely my second brain. I have everything on my phone that helps me be a functioning and productive citizen. There is an app for everything you can possibly think of. Without apps, I can solemnly say there would be no point in having a phone. Without furthermore let’s dive into my favorite apps!

My 12 Favorite Phone Apps

  1. Bible App: I get on this app every day to connect with The Word and I absolutely love it! I found new scriptures every day that come like clockwork when needed.
  2. Instagram: This is my favorite app hands down! I am constantly posting content on Instagram and especially Instagram stories. Since I have deleted Snapchat Instagram stories have been my jam!
  3. Youtube: I go to this app to watch more video than I do tv. YouTube is a very helpful app that entertains and educates about things that I am interested in.
  4. Grammarly: I downloaded this program on every device I use. Grammarly is a lifesaver! I am always writing and Grammarly is my best friend when it comes to catching my mistakes. 
  5. Spark Post: This app helped me step up my Instagram story game! I love everything about this app. It is very easy to understand and I love that I get to be crazy creative.
  6. Notes: Since I am constantly on the go. The notes app is my right hand because my phone is always on me. Anytime ideas or thoughts that I have go first to my Notes apps than end up in my journals than.
  7. Hype Type: Another app that helps kill my Instastories! If I want my stories to have a little extra sauce this is my go-to app. I love that you can add music to your stories also using this app.
  8. Spotify: Music is life! You all know how much I love Spotify. I did a whole post about this app before. I start my day with Spotify and close my day with Spotify.
  9. WordPress: This app is the platform that my blog is running on! I check WordPress daily to interact with people and post content.
  10. Clue: This app is super important for me to use on a daily basis because it helps me keep track of my menstrual. Also helps me keep track on my exercising, eating habitats, and skincare.
  11. Duolingo: This app is amazing! I use it daily to help me learn Spanish. This app is very useful for any language that you are trying to learn. It starts at the basic than goes up in difficulty.
  12. Soundcloud: I found a lot of cool non-mainstream artist on this app. I also use a good amount of songs from this platform on my YouTube channel. This platform is a melting pot of creativity. I also listen to some pretty lit podcast on this app.



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  1. I like the apps you,they have seem interesting. I will download some of then that I don’t have on my phone to see if they can work for me too 🤣🤣

    March 3, 2018
  2. Tried clue and so far so good.

    March 4, 2018
    I review apps, visit my page to find some great iOS apps

    April 19, 2018

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