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Spotlight March Issue Cover Interview

Hey loves!

The newly published author Lisa Yvonne sat down with me on a stormy Tuesday to discuss her life experiences, women empowerment, and how a strong work ethic can help you accomplish anything wonders in life.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the newly pub- lished author behind the book Coming Up Unstuck. In this interview, there were no smoke and glass mirrors with Ms. Yvonne she was completely transparent and answered ev- ery question. No matter if she tripped up in her thoughts of trying to make her answers politically correct she was authentically herself.

Asya: To start this interview off tell us about who Lisa Yvonne is?

Lisa: So who I am is a com- plication of 54 years. I am a duo person and it has taken a long time to integrate my spiri- tual creative side and all of the things that are non-linear with my very logic engineering self. I have realized that I can be both and that I can have both. I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and an ex-wife. Those are just some labels, but who IamandwhatIstandforis for everyone to have a voice to be fully self-expressive.

Asya: Was it hard for you rst starting out in engineering try-

ing to balance out all of your sides?

Lisa: My survival mode or reaction is to be a workaholic. Starting out in engineering just fed my soul. I loved to know how things work and how things were put together. I have a very mechanical side to me. Starting out there were some challenges at school. I was one of three women in my class and the rest were men. It was tough there. A couple of things that happened and if they happened today I would say that’s not right. What are you doing? At that time I would ignore that not so nice and focus on my studies and friends.

Asya: Speaking of you being one of three women in your class, how do you feel being a woman in a mainly male dominated position?

Lisa: I really like it because men are much clearer in com- munication. I think men are very clean in their delivery, they don’t get their feelings hurt, and so it’s really easy

to work with men. And I like men!

Asya: With that all being said how do you feel about the Women’s Right Marches all over the country?

Lisa: So that I am socially aware of what’s going on. Tell me what is going on?

Asya: Okay, so the Women’s Marches started when Trump got into of ce and women banded together because of the comments that he made in a video and his comments against Hilary Clinton.

Lisa: Okay. The underlining is yes women should have equality because there are a lot of industries and a lot of places that women don’t get treated equally and they don’t get equal pay, but I am not one of those women. The problem with some of the mass dem- onstration is- well it’s not a problem, the side effect is that it morphs into different things. So the original agenda is not being taken care of. I think in America the fact that we can demonstrate and we do demonstrate is vital!

If you have not read the new issue of spotlight it’s out now!




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  1. Thank you so much for the great article, it was fluent and to the point. Cheers.

    March 22, 2018

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