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How To Stay Woke

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This is a topic that is normally not something I talk about on my blog. To be honest I use to think that ignorance is bliss when it came to these hot-button topics in the society like the social justice issues. Now I see that was a very naive and singular way of thinking.

Last year I had my lightbulb moment at school when a Black Lives Matter protest was held. This protest was a spur of the moment display of civil disobedience. We plan the protest at the beginning of the school day and held the protest three periods before class ended. It felt amazing to be apart of a movement and not just read about these issue in a textbook or online. In this protest, we all discuss how the Black Lives Matter Movement and police brutality were affecting us in our personal lives and in the community. To give some context the high school I attended was in a middle to an upper-middle-class status. Some of the flack we received for holding this protest was about how the issues don’t affect our community because “issues like police brutality doesn’t happen here”. Which is not true.

How To Stay Woke

  1. Think for yourself. When picking a social issue to support think about why you are supporting the cause. What can you do personally to help your cause get support or attention?
  2. Stay informed. Take a little time to see what is going on outside your community and your safety bubble. Just because it is not happening in your community directly doesn’t mean it is not happening at all.
  3. Learn how to release and not stay angry. I understand how frustrating it can be to see all the injustice in the world but don’t let the anger control you. Learn how to release the negative energy of injustice and make it productive energy to fuel the cause you are advocating for.



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