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How To Be a Productive Dreamer

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In the last post of the how to be a dreamer series, I touched a little upon being consistent when it comes to your dream. Consistency along with other work habits will help you become a productive dreamer. I have decided this series will come out every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few of weeks.  Let’s dive into this post!

How to Be a Productive Dreamer

  1. Don’t check emails or other social media first thing in the morning. That email can wait a little longer. Make the most of your mornings because during that the day is still fresh. Think of the morning work (productive) as a soda. Soda is the crisp, fresh, and bubbly when it is first opened. Not later on.
  2. Stop waiting for the perfect time. No time will ever be perfect for that launch, wedding or whatever dream you are manifesting. Time is just an excuse. Seize the moment you have to make it perfect for your circumstances.
  3. Wake up earlier to jump-start the day. The morning hours are the best time to be productive. After rest, the mind is sharp, focused and ready for the day. For example, think of your brain as your phone that has been charging all night. Once you the phone off the charge it is at maximum ability.
  4. Work in 50-minute blocks and break for 15 minutes. Work and balance are very crucial in the longevity of productive. Taking breaks during work can refresh your mind. Going 100% all the time with no breaks will only lead to burn out.
  5. Use your commute time to work on your dream. We all have somewhere to be every day. In the time it takes you to get to your destination brainstorm ideas. You can record your thoughts as you speak aloud if you have to commute by car. If you take an uber, bus, or train to your destination write down your brainstorms and thoughts. Whether it is via your phone or old school in a notebook. Document the process of to your dreams.
  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t rush the process. Feeling that you should be further along and you aren’t? It’s okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself or you will burn out. Adjust your thinking. Make daily goals to reach, so that you can stay on track with your dreams and aspirations.
  7. When working put your phone on do not disturb. Distractions are the easiest way to kill creativity, motivation, and ultimately dreams. In modern society, the phone is undoubtedly one of the most massive attention holders. Putting your phone on silent helps hush the world. In that time of silence that is when the grind needs to be on full throttle.
  8. Reverse engineer every project. This is a tip I learned from watching and listening to GaryVee. My way of describing this term is to look at a successful person in the career or life that you want to build. Break down their journey from start to finish. Use the information you gathered to help you on your journey. Sometimes you have to break down things all the way down to the micro degree in order to process the next move.
  9. Stop trying to be perfect. This is a serious problem. No one is perfect! Stop comparing yourself to others. Just create even it is it bad because you get better with practice. As cliche as this is about to sound every successful person started somewhere and had to work to get their position. Enjoy the process because it will be worth it in the end.
  10. Start your day the night before. I am a little embarrassed to admit this but I learned how to schedule blog post late last year. Ever since I have discovered this feature it has become my best friend. I try my hardest to pre-write post especially since I blog daily.  Starting your day the night before jump-starts your progress because you already know what your focus is for the next day.

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  1. Very Inspiring and encouraging, Asya!
    I have nominated you for the This or That Tag!
    Below is the link to your nomination! God loves you!

    April 27, 2018

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