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I have received a bunch of new May magazine in the mail. These issues that I will be reviewing the editors were not holding back at all. I love the strong political, activist-driven and take charge attitudes powerful the May issues took. In all three magazines, there was very little fluff. The mags did represent fashion, style, life, and beauty that I love to read about, but it was so much more than surface level. I was really impressed!!

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Shape May 2018


On The Cover: On the cover is a intriguing ginger that I have no idea who she is. All I knew is her eyebrow and makeup is beat for the gods. 

Inside the magazine: This was my first time ever reading Shape magazine so I had no idea what to expect when I cracked open the pages of this issue. Once I open the magazine I thoroughly enjoyed it. After reading the editor’s letter I learned Shape is rebranding period since launched 37 years ago.

Kate Mara Interview

I really enjoyed this interview. I relate a lot to Kate. I love that she is an animal activist and vegan because I am too. I want to do more animal activist in the future. Maybe even partnering with PETA. I use the PETA website often to find vegan snacks, meals, and grocery products.  I focus more on becoming a more of a vegan than vegetarian. I have cut quite a bit of animal products out of my diet expect cheese on occasion. I have found a vegan cheese brand that I am loving so being a fulltime vegan shouldn’t be that challenging.

Afterthoughts: It was a nice read. I can see myself reading more and more magazine issues from this mag!

Favorite Articles

Editor’s Letter


Just Smile


Make A Big Bold Change


Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Vogue May 2018


On The Cover: On the spring fresh cover is a dazzling and stunning Amal Clooney. I love that Amal decided to grace the Vogue because she is cut from a different cloth than the people who normal grace the cover. Amal is of substance so seeing her on the cover I automatically knew that the content in this issue would not have any fluff!

Inside the magazine: The inside did not disappoint at all. The articles were packed full of informative and controversial topics. I am in awe of the brave women who spoke their truth and stood up for what they believe in when the odds were against them.

Amal Clooney Interview

I didn’t know much about Amal before reading this interview expect that she is a world class woman that happens to be married to George Clooney. The interview was very informative and quite interesting at some points. The only downside was the length of the interview. Beyonce’s interview for Vogue wasn’t even this long.

Afterthoughts: Vogue really brought it in this issue! The articles were so well written and informative. I wouldn’t recommend buying this issue, but I would say go on to read the articles that were featured in this issue.

Favorite Articles

A Resister in Gun Country


Wildest Dreams


Like A Prayer


Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Essence May 2018


On The Cover: On the bold black and white filtered cover is a stern Kerry Washington. I could tell that this issue was going to be tackling some serious issue because of the color scheme.

Inside the magazine: The cover was just the tip of the iceberg. Once I opened the issue and started reading the first couple of pages I knew this issue wasn’t going to disappoint. This is one of the best issues from Essence that I have read. This was definitely all about women in power. One of my favorite parts of this issue was WOKE 100. I learned a lot about topics that I never knew anything about.

Afterthoughts: This is a must read and a must buy!

Kerry Washington Interview

The interview was nice, sweet and straight to the point! Kerry talked about the ending of Sandal, the #Time’sUp movement, and starting her own production.

Favorite Articles

In Living Color


WOKE 100


Sexual Harassment On The Job


The Women Who Turned The Tide




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