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Spotlight May/ June Double Feature: Dare To Dream

Hey loves!

My brief hiatus is over! I forced myself to take a week intermission from writing on Caution District to focus on the direction I wanted to take this blog in. Prior to my hiatus, I was so laser focused on just posting content to meet a quota that I set for myself due to someone else’s standards. My heart and ambitions were all in the right place, but it was my speed that was off. In a sense, I was mass producing content instead of going door to door if you get my metaphor. As I explained in my recent Asya Alert my blogging schedule changed from six days a week to four days a week. In the next couple of months, there will be a lot of positive changes coming to Caution District and I can not wait for you all to see what I’ve had up my sleeve!

Spotlight May/ June Double Feature: Dare To Dream

The new issue of Spotlight by popular demand is all about dreaming, doing, and achieving. This double feature is a spin-off of the dreamer’s series that I had been writing to inspire people to go for what their heart’s desire. Sometimes life moves too quickly and no moment is perfect so you just have to do the best with the cards you’ve been dealt.  Whether it is working two jobs in the daytime and doing your side hustle once you get off the clock or working one full-time job and working on your side hustle in every free moment you get. One thing I have learned from my nineteen years on this Earth is regret is vexing. That’s why I applaud all the people who are making moves to their dreams. No matter the speed in which they are reaching them. Now that I have gotten my inner monologue for this issue out let’s get into what you all came for… the double feature. Click below on the cover and enjoy!

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