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Spotlight May/June Double Feature Dreamers, Doers, & Achievers

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Paulina Santiago

I’ve been doing photography for a couple years now but not until recently have I gotten more professional about it. I would have “photoshoots” with my friends and even strangers who would pay me to take pictures with my phone. It got to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable charging and decided to invest in a beginner camera ( a Nikon D3400) Even though I take tremendous pride in my photos , I’m only beginning and this is only a beautiful side hobby I enjoy. The small amount of money I make either goes towards funding my moms chemo treatments,myself or the startup of my company. Bent not broken which is supposed to signify that even when your hit with obstacles whether it be physical or mental that you are never broken simply “bent”

Paulina’s Photography

Samara Marshall

I remember when I was in 9th grade I started looking at fashion blogs and thinking wow they have a blog, their own space to simply just write what they want and how they feel. At that moment I realized that I could do the same. I had tons of notebooks where I would just write about different fashion trends I liked or how to create DIY pieces of clothing. My notebooks would come and I would trash them eventually but I thought that with the internet my posts would always be there so I took all my ideas and all my notes and transferred it into blog posts. Thus my blog was born in November of 2013.

Blogging has been amazing! Not only have I learned more about myself but I also have found my sense in style and gained more confidence. I was very insecure before blogging but writing posts about my favorite outfits and trends has helped greatly. Now blogging has been hard as well. Sometimes I don’t know what to post or sometimes I feel like a post seems a little too vague to put up but I always find inspirations from other bloggers which keeps me going. The blogging community is absolutely amazing! Whether it be through my blog or other social media outlets I can always find different rays of positivity from others.

Since I have started blogging I was just posting a lot about fashion but recently I changed to fashion and lifestyle blogging in hopes to help others with high school, college, hygiene, and other topics all around. I definitely see my blog still going in this direction in years to come but I also hope that I can continue to grow my audience and reach out to new peoples.

Hilary Parr

When my college professor required us to start a blog, I never imagined that it would lead me here. I’ve been writing all my life: stories, novels, articles, social media…you name it! But I never realized it could lead to an actual job that I love.

I started Writings & Worship in the spring of 2015 for a social media class in college. I was a journalism major and it was a required class- I’m so glad it was! When W&W first started it was solely a class project but I found out that I loved it. I’m not sure why I never thought about blogging because I feel like I was born to do it. In some ways, it came naturally, and in other ways, I had to learn.

I started slowly adding in beauty posts and faith posts. I started taking time with my photography and connecting with other bloggers. I steered the content from news and editorial content to content I really care about. All of that has built W&W into what it is today. It’s been a slow process and lots of learning but I’m so proud of all my blogs progress. W&W became a place for me to share my heart, my faith, and my writing.

I will say this: numbers aren’t everything. Even after years of blogging, I still have fairly “low” numbers compared to big bloggers. But the key is I’ve been growing every day and I continue to move forward. More than that, I love what I do. Blogging has given me the opportunities to try and do so many amazing things. I’ve worked with companies I never would have imagined I would be working with and more. If you’re a new blogger and you have low numbers- keep going. Not every blog is made to be a 200K followers and views. Some blogs will be successful just being a small, encouraging blog. Keep it up, your voice matters.

When I decided I wanted to keep W&W past the class, it was because I loved what I was doing. And it was the best decision I could have made. My goal is to provide people with info, encouragement, and maybe just a few minutes of fun. Whether I’m talking about lipstick, worship songs, or life hacks- my goal is to always give my readers the best I can.

Blogging isn’t as easy as everyone assumes it is friends. It’s not all flatlays and free stuff. I work hard for my posts and I work hard for any complimentary items I review. Most of my day is spent writing a post, doing some connecting on social media, or content planning. I’m so thankful I can call this a job and hobby. I’m still not at a place that I can make a living just on blogging but maybe one day.

My longtime dream was to be known by a line. A line of fiction…or song…or anything really. I can see so many of my dreams coming true because I gave blogging a chance. Words are how I express myself, how I cope, and my biggest passion. It might not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

Blogging has changed my life in so many ways! I’m more confident in my work, more outgoing to engage with new blogging friends; I can see how blogging has bettered me as a person and a creator. I’m so thankful that blogging is now such a “real job” kind of thing. I never would have imagined loving to blog this much but I do! Writings & Worship is something I’m very proud of and work hard to keep going.

Never be afraid to take a chance. You might not be as big as you want to be at first, but building a blog up takes time. Enjoy it most of all; remember to blog because it’s what you love not something you have to do.

Susanne Daniels

Blogging is a passion that I completely stumbled on but wouldn’t trade for the world! I launched my blog,; a wellness and healthy lifestyle page, in November of 2016. My intent was to create a space that I could use to educate people on being friends with their body. There are so many extremes out there at the moment and while that may suit many people, it just isn’t realistic for everyone. Health isn’t about forcing yourself to adopt a lifestyle that takes away from your quality of life, health is holistic and a completely individual and personal thing!

Before learning about the endless opportunities that come with building an online brand and community I simply viewed my blog as a credential of sorts. I dreamed of having a brick and mortar consulting business and knew that upon graduating I would need a community that believed in my mission and the purpose of what would later become my brand. You hear countless stories of people graduating from college only to struggle to find work because they don’t have the years of experience sought after by employers and even though I wasn’t seeking employment, I knew that this need for experience applied to me as well. I am a big believer in not putting off until tomorrow what you could accomplish today!

In recent months my blog has graduated from being a piece in the background of my career to being the center of my career.

It’s been a slow process overall, I’m a student and I work full time as well, so managing my time is definitely something I had to get good at!  There have certainly been many frustrations and lots of stress along the way but the feedback I have gotten from friends and family and even strangers has been the absolutely most rewarding thing in the world!

The blogging community has become something that is really close to my heart and I constantly jump at the opportunity to encourage new aspiring bloggers to make the jump and just do it! When I launched my site and published my first post, my blog was completely bare. I’m talking one feed page with one single post, but I threw myself out there for the world to see. It’s a daunting thing at first but looking back on your own progress is its own feeling of triumph!

If I could give two pieces of advice to anyone thinking of starting a blog it would have to be, done is better than perfect! You’ll get there eventually if you have the passion and drive, I promise, but you’ll never get there if you don’t start! And secondly, don’t be scared to ask for help! We’ve all been there and most if not all of us are still working and learning and growing! My mentor has been an absolute game-changer for me and knowing I have her by my side has been exactly what I needed in those days that you feel discouraged!

You can find me at @skimzey on Instagram and! If you like what you see and decide to follow, please don’t hesitate to let me know how you found me, as I’ve said, I am very much still growing myself, but I love being able to support others on their journey and if I can be of assistance to you I most certainly will be!

With Love, Susanne



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