Asya Alert: Why It’s Okay To Take Breaks

Hey loves!

I have taken another nine-day hiatus from Caution District. In my absence, I have been working on the new July issue of Spotlight and planning out my next moves in my personal life. I have a lot of aspects shifting in my personal life right now that I am trying to adapt too. In this state of transitions, it really has taken a toll on my creativity and mindset. Since I can not change the environment I am enduring the only thing I can do is change my outlook on the situation.

Why It’s Okay To Take Breaks

I have often tried to stick to a schedule of posting a certain amount of content on all my social platforms. Like an unkempt car, I would be on the GO GO GO and not take time for ”maintenance check-ups”. What I mean is checking on my state of being. My mental health. Last month was mental health awareness month. Mental health is a topic that is rarely talked about in society until something tragic happens like the loss of an icon such as Kate Spade or in the legal defense argument of a school shooter.

A short time ago I thought in order to be successful in my endeavors I had to be working 25/8 around the clock, but that is not the case at all. In order to work efficiently, I as a creator have to take breaks to process ideas, projects or whatever is going on around me. I would have to give myself permission to live in the moment and not worry about the next detail of angle. Now I grasp that it is okay to sit back and relax or even allow yourself to mourn. Even the best of the best we’re faced with situations in which they were baffled and lost in the moment. I have come to comprehend that working without ceasing or as some say ”constantly being on the hustle” is not for me. And that’s okay.

Signing out dangerously fierce,

A 💋


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