Avoid Energy​ Vampires Like The Plague

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There’s one major topic that I almost forgot to address in the ‘How To Be A Dreamer’ series and that is the soul-sucking Energy VAMPIRES! The term energy vampire is a phrase I came across when reading The Enegry Bus by Jon Gordon. By definition, an energy vampire is a negative individual who speaks death into your life.  Those individuals stated Gordon “suck the life out of you and your goals and vision if you let them.  They will cause an engine leak, make your ride miserable or even worse slash your tires.” (page 73)


A few weeks ago, I had a phone call meeting with three “online influencers” that were trying to pitch me for their network marketing company. About five minutes into the conversation I knew what they were selling was not the route I wanted to go. Once they started to see that I wasn’t going for what they were pitching the lead guy started to insult the work I had been doing on my blog and online magazine Spotlight. After the meeting was over I was completely depleted of all my energy. I was so drained that had to go to sleep in order to regain some piece of mind.  Even after the nap, I took I still felt drained. If I am being honest with you I wasn’t completely energized until two weeks after the conversation. Which is cringey because NO ONE should ever have that type of effect of your emotions, behavior, or mind.

The whole experience reminded me of one of my favorite movie scenes of the Pursuit of Happiness. I know I reference this scene a lot because it is powerful!

Many people will try to shrink you and your vision if they can not comprehend it. I am here to tell you to push through because it only takes one viral moment, one person will a following to notice you, or even a stranger off the street for your passion to become your lifestyle.

3 Lessons that I learned from that experience

  1. Don’t let someone talk down your dreams or accomplishments just because you don’t aline with their views.
  2. Be careful who you engage with on the internet. Just because someone has a bunch of followers doesn’t mean they are credible or legitimate.
  3. Continue hustling and grinding it out no matter what someone is offering you. Don’t sell yourself for a quick buck!

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