Spotlight July Issue Cover Interview

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Featured in the newly released July Spotlight issue is the Twitter handler UPbit Translator with 15k+ follower. I got to chat with the person behind the account and got insight into their journey through Bitcoin and where the future of Bitcoin is headed. This interview was really refreshing because it has allowed me to share information with my audience that is not in my genre. I hope you enjoy this interview. If you have any questions do not be afraid to comment!

Spotlight July Issue Cover Interview

Q: How did you get into Bitcoin?

A: Looking for new ways to make money through the internet I came across an article on Quora about the future of finance. I took a deeper look into the article and the mention of bitcoin was said several times. I did further research into what bitcoin was and how I could get into it. At the time bitcoin was about $600, ethereum was $20 and litecoin was $4. I didn’t successfully figure out how to get into the cryptos until bitcoin was about $1000. I made my first purchase through coinbase when I did further research.

Q: What made you start looking into investment opportunities?

A: Working a 9-5 gets exhausting so I spent weeks looking for new ways to make money. All I could find was E-commerce, YouTube, and other online “get rich schemes” which were already diluted with too many people. So I tried to find something new. When you are early to opportunities in the technology field you will benefit the most financially.

Q: I learned you are the creator behind UPbit translator what does that Twitter account do?

A: The UPbit translation account is an account I made for a Korean based bitcoin/altcoin exchange. I noticed that the Korean bitcoin/altcoin didn’t have a Twitter account. All there messages through the mobile app for trading was in Korean. I initially made the account to translate for the sake that I needed the information to make smarter trades. Then I would release the information on Twitter. I thought if I did a good enough job I could maybe work for UPbit as a social media manager or sell the Twitter account for bitcoin.

Q: What do you see your future in bitcoin like?

A: I’m not sure I can’t tell the future but bitcoin has been in an uptrend since the day it was made so I would hope to see bitcoin get into the six or seven figure range within the next 5-10 years.

Q: Do you recommend others to invest in bitcoin?

A: At the moment I don’t recommend investing for the average person. The market is currently in a correction phase from the Bitcoin high of 20k in 2017. For more experienced people I would try to buy now around what influencers suspect to be the bottom of Bitcoin around 6k. This is a good time to buy alts because they usually go 3% compared to bitcoins every 1%. My advice if you’re thinking about investing is to always invest what you would be okay with losing if the investment did not go in your favor. I would recommend once Bitcoin successfully gets past the resistance of 10k then that will be a clear indicator to buy alts or Bitcoin because the majority of the investment community can’t handle the volatility of Bitcoin.

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