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Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues

The up and coming magazine reviews will feature an array of different style magazines. The way I pick out my magazines is strictly based on the cover. If the cover speaks entertainment my assumptions is, so will the inside. I know the cliché saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” blah blah, but that does not apply here. A magazine cover is not like a book cover. A magazine cover is supposed to pull you in and make you want to pick up what they are selling. With the rhetoric skills, I had been “blessed” with from AP Lang; I will analyze the hell out of the magazines I am reading. I will high key be a self-proclaimed magazine editor and my reviews will slay!

Month of  May 2018 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan May 2018


On The Cover: Boldy standing out on the May issue of Cosmo is a lavender draped Kaley Cuoco. The layout of this is beautiful and back to Cosmo’s signature style. The past two issue of Cosmo has sported different layouts and awkward color schemes. The color scheme picked for this cover is transitioning from the April shower to summery May flowers!

Inside the magazine: This issue of Cosmo was good. As usual, I loved reading the classic too funny confessions and dates from hell section of the magazine. The beauty section was great! I am going to switch my skincare routine up when spring finally rolls into the ATL. Cosmo has some great suggestions and I still need to use my coupons from the last issue. The wellness section was very informative as well. Expressing one’s self can be challenging at times especially if you don’t word the words to describe your feelings.

Kaley Cuoco Interview 

I didn’t really know that much about Kaley Cuoco before reading this interview. One thing I can admire about Kaley after reading this interview is that she is the type of women that puts her money where her mouth is. Kaley and her four male co-stars took a pay cut to increase the two series regulars salaries. How many people would do that? Not many… at all. That is truly amazing and Kaley is in the middle of getting her production company off the ground. She’s such a boss!

Afterthoughts: This was an okay issue.

Favorite Articles

The Before- and- After Trapimg_2422-2

Why It’s Good to Make Troubleimg_2420-2

Have Good Skin-tentionsimg_2421-2

Month of April 2018 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Essence April 2018img_2439-2

On The Cover: Gracing the marble back splashed cover is the Grownish starlet Yara Shahadi. I am a new fan of the show Blackish which is the mother show to the spin-off Grownish. Grownish follows the oldest daughter Zoey as she navigates college and young adulthood. At times Grownish can be a little messy, but it is not a watch. 

Inside the magazine: I am not an Essence reader, but I may turn into one. The articles are cutting edge and shining lights on issues that get very little publicity. This is definitely a woke magazine that was never on my radar before my mom signed up a subscription. What I enjoyed most about this issue was that it wasn’t fluffy material featured! It was real life issue people are facing on a daily.

Yara Shahidi Interview

The interview was a lovely read. At times it was vague, but I got the majority of what was going on. In the interview, Yara talked about young people signing up to vote which I something I can relate to. In the last election with Trump being president, I was unfortunately too young to cast a ballot. Now that I am of age to vote I will be using my right to cast a ballot even if I don’t agree with any politician. Years of learning in class how my people have lost their lives over the right to vote is my biggest motivator for wanting to vote. In this interview, Yara made a lot of remarks that I can resonate with for example being called whitewashed in school.

Afterthoughts: Must read!

Favorite Articles

New Age Beautiesimg_2432-2

Simply Stunningimg_2429-1

Small-Biz Successimg_2433-2


Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Seventeen April 2018img_2423-2

On The Cover: On the spring fresh April cover of Seventeen is a lavender fringe wearing Rowan Blanchard. If I am being honest I had no idea who Rowan was. I am not much of a Seventeen mag reader but if this issue is a sample of what other Seventeen issues are like I just might have to subscribe to this magazine.

Inside the magazine: I thoroughly enjoyed the issue. One of my favorite sections had to be the fashion. The subjections were out of the box for the time of year and I love it! The weather where I live has been up and down so I will definitely take some tips in having more of a neutral color palette with a mix of standout pieces. In this petite issue, there is a lot of girl power and girl bosses in the making.

Rowan Blanchard Interviewimg_2435-2img_2434

Rowan has some pretty good insight and a lot of different opinions about everything. I was impressed by the number of different topics that were packed into the six-page spread. The interview layout was perfect to get the maximum informative for the readers to learn more about Rowan. She is passionate and forthcoming about any and everything from topics self-expression to awareness. Rowan is a young, woke, and opinionated actress and activist. From reading this interview Rowan appears to be a girl boss on the rise! This was a great interview.

Afterthoughts: Must read!

Favorite Article

 What Your Guy Friends Need To Knowimg_2436-1

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan April 2018


On The Cover: The new layout of Cosmo’s April issue has rap’s hit artist Cardi B sizzling the spicy red cover in a peek-a-boo leotard. For the cover this issue I have seen two different layouts. One of the covers is super sexualized and the other is uber focused on the interview Cosmo did on Cardi B.

Inside the magazine: This issue had to be one of my least favorites I have read over the years! No shade or tea I just felt like Comso wasn’t being authentic to themselves in the production of this issue. It seems like this issue was more sexually focused since Cardi B was the interviewee.

The style section in this issue was really put together. I am loving the dark floral suggestions. It is definitely something I will give it a try. Another section I enjoyed about this issue was The Fun, Fearless, Ageless list.

Afterthoughts: I wouldn’t recommend this issue!

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Spotlight March 2018


Month of March 2018 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Spotlight February 2018

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan March 2018

On The Cover: The new layout of Cosmo’s March issue has Mandy Moore sparkling in a sequin jumper. The color scheme on the cover threw me for a loop though. Why does Cosmo have a Halloween color scheme in the middle of March issue? My suggestion is that the orange should be more pastel or if the orange is going to be that bright they shouldn’t have used purple or black on the cover.

Inside the magazine: This is the issue of the skincare samples and I love it! The “sexier skin 2.0” delivered and then some. I will definitely be adding some of the beauty tips and tricks into my skincare regimen. I’ve always loved stripping with Biore and the sample in this issue reminded me of that. I’m glad Cosmo provided a coupon for this product because skincare can get expensive. This issue had a lot of products that I need to add to my must-try list. (Expect to see the samples from this issue in my skin regimen post soon). From reading the style section in this issue it looks like sequin has made a comeback. To be honest I don’t know how I feel about this trend because I have never been a sequin wearer. With that said I would not be opposed to wearing one sequin outfit to see if I like the trend and if it works for me or not.

Mandy Moore Interview

This was one of the best Cosmo interviews I have ever read! The interview displays Moore as a girl’s girl and I love it. This interview makes me want to be friends with her. The way she met her now- fiance is absolutely adorable. I guess in her case it the saying “you find love when you’re not looking” is very true. I knew Moore from the movie A Walk to Remember I saw it a few days ago on Freeform. The movie was really good and like the show, This Is Us your going to need a box of tissues! Speaking of This Is Us the episode after the Superbowl was a tearjerker! It will be a good while before I cook in a crockpot again.

Afterthoughts: Buy this issue NOW! Trust me you will not regret the purchase.

Favorite Article

Secret Beauty Behaviors Exposed

Find the Edge of Glory!

Favorite Pictures & Must Buys

Month of February 2018 Magazine Reviews 

The first issue of Spotlight Magazine. The winter issue click below to check it out!


Asya Dishing Out The Issues: Marie Claire February 2018

On the cover: Stunning the grayscale cover is a fierce-eyed Hailee Steinfeld. I was eager to review this issue because I don’t really know who the cover star is and that is usually how I base what magazine issues I buy. This issue was given to me along with this month’s Elle issue.

Inside the magazine: Inside of this issue was powerful! Absolutely nothing was off limits in this issue. The journalists for this issue wrote about the Times Up movement, Black Lives Matter, Women Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and any other hot-button topic. I was surprised at how blunt the articles were in the issue. Marie Claire has not always been a magazine I would read because I found it a little lackluster. That was not the case this time. Marie Claire is definitely woke now! Marie Claire’s on my radar now since the articles are exceptional and enlightening.

Hailee Steinfeld Interview

I got to know a lot more about Steinfeld as a person. She seems to have a strong support team that is helping her dominate Hollywood. She’s a girl on a mission!

Afterthoughts: This article is a must buy! The articles sold it for me. I can’t stop gushing about how hard hitting informative and impactful they are! The writers outdid themselves.

Favorite Articles

Newsfeed ft. Rose McGowan & Patrisse Khan-Cullors



Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan February 2018

On The Cover: The rosy pink and red-infused cover flaunt a very bold and confident Lili Reinhart. This is was a hard pick for me choosing between Reinhart’s cover or Mendes cover.

Inside the Magazine: This was a really great issue. The articles were phenomenal and well thought out. This issue of Cosmopolitan took me the longer than usual to get through. I even went through it a second time to reread and annotate some of the articles written. Being an avid Cosmo reader I have noticed one thing if the editor’s letter is a powerful and impactful letter than the rest of the issue will follow suit. The letter on this issue did not disappoint. One of the main topics that this issue addressed that was not on the cover was sexual harassment. The magazine even debuted a special section straightforwardly called “How Not to Be a Sexual Harasser (Even If You Think You Could Never Be That Guy)”.

Lili Reinhart & Camila Mendes Interview

I really enjoyed the format of this interview. I also really loved all the cute outfits they had on! The style director outdid himself with those choices. I’m thinking about buying one or two for me to wear during the springtime. The girls were very candid in this interview, which always makes for a good read. The reader could see them from all different angles, not just an archetype.

Afterthoughts: This is a must buy issue! I think you all will enjoy it as much as I did.

Favorite Articles

Editor’s letter

How Not to Be a Sexual Harasser (Even If You Think You Could Never Be That Guy)

Send Your Skin on an Acid Trip

The Way to Eat Your Feelings

Favorite Pictures:

Month of October 2017 Magazine Reviews 

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan October 2017

On the cover: This psychedelic wellness issue is the fit girl next door Kate Hudson.

Inside the magazine: To be frank I didn’t learn much about physical wellness in this issue. I learned more about internal health, relationship health and mental health. By far this is my favorite issue of cosmo that I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This issue was more candid, cunning, raw and relatable af! When reading the articles presented I was either in my feelings or dying of laughter.

Kate’s Interview

(I enjoy the new format of interviewing. It doesn’t seem as daunting as the multiple paragraphs of the previous interview outline. The new outline is more clean, fresh and to the point)

Kate Hudson was a joy to get to know.


This issue is a must buy if it’s still on newsstands near.

Ps. I previewed the newest Cosmo issue with JHud and it was kind of dry, so I don’t know if I should buy it or not.

Favorite Articles 

Om, No Thanks (raw and candid. I run more too like the girl in the article to deal with stress)

Overheard On Bro Night

Period Effong With Your Face? (Very help… Oh my goodness)

Why Alpha Men Are Catching The Feels

Favorite Picture 

Style Section 

Great Products (I personally use)


Month of May 2017 Magazine Reviews 

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issue: Seventeen May/ June 2017


On The Cover: Gracing the baby blue pigmented cover page is the social media star Cameron Dallas.

Inside the magazine: This issue of Seventeen has to be my favorite that I purchase. Usually, this magazine is like a snack; leaving you satisfied but not breaking the surface of hunger. In other words, it’s filled with fluff. The articles in this issue we’re talking about real life issues that are plaguing our society. Along with great beauty tips! This issue was a enjoy to read.

Cameron’s Interview: Cameron’s interview was a like his Q & A  videos on YouTube. I agree with him with his answer to “If you could tell your younger self one, thing what would it be” because I am the same way. Reading this interview gave Cameron more dimension in my eyes. When seeing someone like Cameron who puts his life on the internet you make snap judgments about them and for him to talk about his struggles brings him down to Earth.

Afterthoughts: This issue was a nice poolside read!

Favorite Article:img_2766

I enjoyed the What’s Hot Now article about the author Jennifer Yu. I adore how she is taking on mental illness in a young adult book because it is such a serious topic that is not acknowledged often.

img_2767The “School Bathroom Debate” was a very eye opening read. My heart goes out to the LGBTQ community, especially under the Trump administration.

Favorite Pictures:

Month of March 2017 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issue: Cosmopolitan March 2017


On the Cover: Gracing the hot pink stained bad-ass babe issue is the beautiful cover girl Ruby Rose. Everything on this cover is drawing me in to buy it! The intriguing picture of Ruby to chunky bold font lettering of blurts.

Inside the magazine: It is almost baffling how much I enjoyed this issue of the mag. I literally read cover to cover every single word that was written. To be honest, I have never read a mag cover to cover, but the fact is there was never a mag that was that interesting for me to do so. This issue was a learning issue every segment of the magazine was cutting edge information.

Ruby’s Interview: I have an official girl crush on Ruby Rose! I am here for her humble candidness. She is comfortable in all her being which is hard to find in people let alone celebrities nowadays. Rose like many of my other role models is unapologetically herself in a world that likes to prey on flaws and insecurities. My favorite part of the article was the “be good to your mind and body” section because it speaks to who I am as a growing individual.

Afterthought: This issue was like reading re-watching Beyonce’s Grammy’s performance! Btw reading about the other badass women was inspiring.

Favorite Articles: Frat Boys 2.0


This article really struck a chord with me because I was ignorant to this subject. I find it so alarming because I am soon to go off to college unaware of this disgusting culture that is prominent in some fraternity. It is very important to educate women and especially men on the topic of sexual assaults on a college campus and in general.

Favorite Picture:

Ruby Rose


Teyana Taylor


Ian Somerhalder


Month of December 2016 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issue: Cosmopolitan December 2016

On the cover: The lovable Chrissy Teigen has graced the cover of this issue of comso to spill the beans about her hot marriage and bedtime rituals!

Inside the magazine: This issue was probably the driest issue I have ever read from Comso. It breaks my heart to even utter those words because I love comso mags.  One thing I can say is the “confessions” story never disappoint they get better with each issue. It amazes me to know how many people have gone on terrible dates in the world (lol). Another I enjoyed was the advice from Logan Hill because they give me insight into real relationship problems outside of the high school guy problems I have

Chrissy’s Interview: Three words. Adorable, Candid &X-rated!

After Though: Eh! Not hot. Not cold. This issue is lukewarm. Who likes lukewarm material?…

Favorite Article: Should You Pop or Stop 

Before You Gulp Read This…

That article was ridiculously insightful about the yes, probably not and definitely not vitamins that us women should be downing. I even learned that vegans (me)  should be consuming a  B12 vitaman because my body isn’t getting any due to a plant base only diet.

Month of September 2016 Magazine Reviews

I did not enjoy this following issues, therefore, I will not be putting out a review for them.

Month of August 2016 Magazine Reviews  

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan August 2016


On The Cover: The bold beauty that is Ashley Graham graces the cover of this issue of Cosmo! I was so excited to see that Graham was on the cover of Cosmo! Just looking at the cover of this issue I already know it is going to be the bomb. Now let’s spill some tea!

Inside The Magazine: The inside of Cosmo never disappoints. I like the “In Her Own Words” Ashley Graham edition because you get to see what she is like as a person. Another thing I love to read in the Cosmo is the “Confessions/ Worst Dates Confessions” they are so funny and embarrassing, it shows how human people actually are instead of how perfect society wants people to be. I totally recommend this issue it is A1. I can’t stress that enough! There is something in here for everyone to enjoy whether it’s workouts, confessions, sex, love, beauty, and etc.

Ashley Graham Interview: I am even more of a fan of Graham’s after reading this interview! She is a soldier girl, who can from a not so good beginning into a woman who is conquering (she is low-key the real life Khaleesi).

I’m giving curvy woman a seat at a table that we’ve never been invited to before.

I like how Graham addressed what Amy Schumer said about being grouped with curvy girls in Glamour magazine. I enjoyed the “post-breakup” about how Graham met her now husband at a church on “Porn Sunday” (lol). The interview as a whole was a really good interview; it makes me like Graham even more. Btw she does TED talks which I didn’t know. I totally could use her as a reference in school assignments now.

Afterthought: Go buy now, please!

Favorite Article: “Take Flight” Misty Copeland


There’s no wrong way to create your own path, but you have to find support. On those days when you want to give up, you have to have people in your life who are going to keep you striving

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Essence August 2016


On the cover: The Rio bound Zendaya is on the “see the world” August issue of Essence. I love Zendaya’s interviews because she is candid about what she thinks. I have never read an Essence mag before, but I am ready to travel around in this issue. **side note** The cover is absolutely breathtaking from the colors to the backdrop to the outfit Zendaya is wearing.

Inside The Magazine: Reading this inside of this magazine really made it clear that it was not for me, It is for a more mature reader (I guess). I liked the book that was recommended. I just don’t think I will purchase another issue from this mag, I probably will just look at it online if there is someone’s interview I want to read. To be honest I was so bored reading this mag. Even the interview with Zendaya was boring. In the interview, it was a trip down memory lane the topics that were discussed were Giuliana Rancic gate of 2015, her site seeing in Rio, and her new ventures.

Afterthought: I gave the issue to my mom to read because I felt like it she may enjoy it.

Favorite Article: I liked learning about the first African American supermodel that is Pat Cleveland.

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: InStyle August 2016


On The Cover: The stunning Quantico starlet Priyanka Chopra is the cover girl of this August issue of InStyle magazine before so I am extremely excited to see what the inside holds.

Inside The Magazine: I was disappointed by the inside of the magazine. There were points in the magazine that I enjoyed the interview with Chopra. I felt like the issue had a lot of fluff on the inside; there were also a lot of interviews in the mag aside from Chopra. InStyle made Chopra a side piece in her own issue.I felt Chopra interview should be longer than the other interviews featured because she was the cover girl.

After Thought: This issue did not leave me wanting more. My interest was teased throughout the entire issue. I wanted more details in the interview. I can’t say this issue did not disappoint in the style department! I loved Ashley Graham’s cameo in the style section.

Favorite Article: Stella McCartney on being eco-friendly and styling millennials


Month of June 2016 Magazine Reviews 

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Cosmopolitan June 2016

On the cover of Cosmo is Shay Mitchell. The Pretty Little Liar herself looks stunning with the yellow backdrop making her curve-hugging red one-piece pop. The eye-catching blurts on the mag talked me into buying the mag. The bold, colorful, and edgy blurts sale the magazine even more.

Inside this issue, I was having so much fun exploring the paper turning articles. Cosmo has become easily one of my favorite magazines. I am never bored viewing this magazine because it is extremely fun and upbeat. Cosmo is an “I Am Every Woman” type of magazine. Even though I know their target audience is probably the teens to young adults market, they are slaying in my eyes. I kid you not in the grocery store I see all types of people (guys included lol) check out this mag when in the checkout line. Ps. Cosmo I love this short issue because it cuts out all the fluff and gets to the juiciness!

Shay Mitchell Interview

I enjoyed this interview a little too much! I love how open and no BS taking Shay is. I obviously know who she was because I am a fan of Pretty Little Liars. In the interview, Shay talked about how she struggled with her identity in school due to her Filipino race. Many kids face this same issue (I myself face this issues as well with others putting their stereotypes on me). Mitchell was slaying in this article she even tackled subjects like how she doesn’t want her future partner to know what snap-chat is Mitchell bluntly put it “I find it unattractive when a guy scrolls through Instagram. Let that be something that I do”. Love it (I agree with her. Being a social media junky is not cute, nor attractive). Shay would like to be a business woman rather than be an Oscar winner saying “to be honest, winning an Oscar is not one of my goals”. Shay even has a lifestyle blog AmoreAndVita (which is under construction right now). The interview was just effortlessly real and flawless. I really like her as a person. She has a good head on her shoulders. It is nice to see a woman (young women especially) stand in her truth with no thoughts of backing down. I highly recommend everyone to buy this issue! NO JOKES it is worth the 3.99.

Favorite Quotes from Shay Mitchell’s Interview

“I announce at the beginning of a relationship I’m not going to be sharing this with anybody. If that’s what you’re hoping for, there is the door.”

Favorite Article

One of my favorite articles was in the #RealTalk section. The “You Are Not Your Like” article really spoke to me because as a young-in in the social media world, it can be a little too much to keep up with. I personally experienced some of the feelings former Instagram model Essena O’Neil felt. Like O’Neil, I would low-key delete a photo if it didn’t get enough likes. I don’t see eye to eye with O’Neil about being “addicted to social media, social approval, [and] social status”. However, social media does take a toll if used too much. Everyone should read this article, so they are aware of the dangers of the misuse of social media.

Favorite Pictures

The eyeliner ad is alluring and effective enough to make me look into this product. The eyeliner looks like it glides on effortlessly.

Nail envy!

One pieces are starting to glo’ up. I would totally rock this piece that is on the model. It is classic and effortlessly beautiful.

Month of May 2016 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Elle May 2016

(Pre thoughts) This is my first time ever reading an Elle magazine. One of the reason — scratch that the only reason I bought this magazine because Beyoncé was on the cover.

On the cover of Elle is issue is Mrs. Knowles. I am extremely excited to crack open this issue of Elle for two reasons 1. because I never read an Elle magazine before and 2. Beyoncé is on the cover, along with others powerful women in the sidebar captions. This is probably the best four dollars I have spent in my life.

Inside the magazine a lot of topics were covered. At times I found myself very bored, almost sleepy-like reading this issue. Some of the articles made me realize this magazine is not universal; it is not only for mature older women. Not a young lady like myself. On a positive note, I enjoyed the feminist parts of the Editor’s letter. In the letter, the editor talked about a Frenchman who is a feminist. Yes, you’re reading it right he is a feminist. The editor stated ” the young man was committing his time and money to leveling the playing field for women. The editor also touched on topics like Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, and the dreaded election.

Beyonce’s Interview

Let’s get down to business! Beyoncé’s interview was very informative and rewarding unlike the interview I read in the past September Vogue issue. The interview in this issue was formatted like a Q & A. Bey was very open about her new business venture, being a  feminist, and the formation tour. Bey and I have a similar view on feminism and how everyone should have equal rights. Beyoncé also addressed the bad buzz some have put around Formation saying ” If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me”.

Favorite Quote from Beyoncé’s Interview

I mean, I’m an artist and I think the most powerful art is usually misunderstood.

My favorite article has to be the one in the Agenda area. The article talked about Rose Wang a young problem go-getter, who was a problem in American’s consumption and decided to do something about it. Wang came up with the idea of chirps (a cricket-based flour). I know it sounds disgustingly gross, but it would cut down the harm that meat production is doing to the environment. This article is a great learning lesson/ inspiration because it shows a person who saw a problem in the world and put I the work to see the results, so it would no longer be a problem anymore.

Favorite Pictures

The rockstud untitled Valentino sneakers is absolutely breathtaking. The grace of the dark angelic tattoos behind the fiery white gold touched sneaker make them so desirable. I would love to have these in my closet!

The mascara looks stunning. The deep black bombshell mascara liquid would make my lashes look so good. Definitely going to try it.

Month of April 2016 Magazine Reviews

There are no reviews this month 😩.

Month of March 2016 Magazine Reviews

Asya’s Dishing Out The Issues: Marie Claire March 2016 Summary and photos 

On the cover of this spring issue of Marie Claire is a vulnerable looking Dakota Johnson. On the cover the issue says it is the spring issue, so I already know what to look forward too; the DIYS, weight-loss tricks, and this year’s spring fashion. What made me stop and grab this issue was actually Hillary Clinton’s gun talk. The article about Dakota Johnson was pretty short and nothing was said that was not already known to the world. This issue was a lot to swallow because it was not just one focus. I like the array of topic though that was covered, it was fulfilling nevertheless. Eh! not really worth the money though.

Favorite Dakota Johnson Quote

Maybe I’m so full of EMOTION because I’m SO FULL of everyone else’s SECRETS

Favorite pictures

The Marc Jacobs ad caught my attention because of the uniqueness of the sunglasses. Effortlessly beautiful.

This Emma Watson look-alike stunned in an androgynous street- style feel outfit. I love everything about this outfit especially the shoes. I would slay in this outfit.





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