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Nailed That

If the color fits wear, wear it


Midnight Gray

Spring Forward Yellow


Baby Blues

Salmon Daze


Bubble Blush Pink

Daisy Winter Star

Glass Sprinkle

Polar Ice

The Golden Hour

Under Your Spell

Summer Daze

Violet Vixen

Pretty in PinkSilver Surfing (Gel Nails)Ruby RedWinter Blue


Burnt Burgundy


Fall Rudy

Fiery Fierceness


Go for Gold (Senior Year!)


Summertime SadnessLove my Blues
Sweet Treat

Reading and nail love


Plum pulsing purple


Rudy Red Delicious


The Big Chop 

 Every week I updated that I was cutting my nails shorter than I just went for it The Big Chop. I will now be rocking shorter nails; styled and painted by me.

Feeling sophisticated with my shorter light cafe almond nails😍 (fav nails and color by far!)

 Birchbox Polish 💅🏾  Cause I was feeling creamy👑 Is it just me or is my nails the color of vanilla icecream?

Since I felt sassy & festive 💋💅🏾 I couldn’t function without breaking a nail, so here’s my solution. Baby almond nails tumblr inspired (my color is a deep sea blue🌊(The hands in the top left and bottom right are mine).

 Tumblr inspired square semi coffin nails☮(The hands on the top left and bottom right are mine) Tumblr inspired creation with a winter twist ❄ (The hands in the top left and bottom right are mine) Whose ready for Halloween?😈👻  Fall scorched nails background courtesy of SC add at @ asya_mac  White almonds and coco

img_1837 Sporting my classic  white almonds nails while writing notes for science 💅Sassing on Snapchat 👉 asya_mac👈 💋💁

img_1437 After having almond nails for a while I switch it up with hot pink square nails ( rings on both index finger and pinky are from Rue 21. The pack of rings was 8 dollars) 🎀 Pretty in light pink almond nails🌸Tis the season to have peppermint almond nails 🎄 and cute red hair! Then again for my Halloween costume  🎃

Keeping it short and classy with my pure white nails during a trip to buy lipstick 💋I’m sporting chic all-black almond nails while shoe shopping 👠First time ever with the almond nail I was feeling the vampire type look at the time😂 (don’t judge) – Caution to the wind SaveSaveSaveSave

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  1. Alrighty then, YOU definitely nailed that topic. Love all the pics and caption!

    June 8, 2015

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