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Ups & Downs

Hey loves!

I am picking up my cross and following him

For the past couple of weeks, I have been on a social media cleanse. No posts on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or even my blog. What sparked this cleanse was the recent disasters that have unfolded. I could not fathom just continuing on like nothing happened. I didn’t see the point in sharing all the wonders that were filling my life when a collection of people lost everything in a natural disaster that could have taken any of us. After the hurricanes, hit something shifted in me and I couldn’t shake the feeling. I didn’t want to share any more about my shopping finds, hairstyles, lifestyle and fashion tips. I canceled my trip to New York and signed up to serve on a missionary trip that my church is hosting. I have been on this trip for five days now and to say it is mind and spiritual changing is an understatement. The changes I’m seeing in myself is remarkable. I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m not struggling either it’s a battle. I will fill you all in later on the transformations and blessing that have been bestowed upon me since being on this trip.
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Learn It from Asya: Lesson 3

Hey loves!

 When getting my nails done Sunday I saw the cutest thing ever. A dad had taken his daughter out to get her nails and eyebrows done. He also got his eyebrows done too! This daddy and daughter duo were so cute they made me a little nostalgic to when my father and I would go to father and daughter dances. When I got home I went to my closet to fish out my scrapbooks that had the pictures of my dad and me at the dances. Year after year we went to those dances. Going to those dances with my dad really did have an effect on me whether I realize it or not. 3. My dad taught me how to have standards and value myself even if other do not see my worth. I can’t wait to go to more of those father-daughter in the future.

” No girl can make it through this cold and dark  world without a father who has given her the bright gift of a father-daughter relationship ” – Asya McDonald

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